Nutrition is a very important issue that plays a significant role in creating the health of individuals and society. Among the food supply systems, the best, most reliable and efficient system is the farmer-centered system.

ASA start Nutrition management system and In the first step, it has created a farmer-centric system called Sarebagh.

Sarbagh food supply system:

Among the food systems, one of the most efficient is the system in which the farmer is at the center of all activities. The food supply system requested by the consumer reaches the farmer and the farmer starts the supply process and with the help of other factors, delivers his product directly to the consumer. In this system, the farmer is empowered to store his product properly, maintain it and is equipped with facilities so that he can deliver it to the consumer in time. In fact, in this system, the virtual distance between farmer and consumer is removed. As mentioned, Sarbagh is a farmer-centered system. that’s mean

– The farmer introduces himself in the system.

– More parts of the supply process are done by the farmer.

– Farmer and consumer get in touch to buy.

– Other factors during the process and its various stages are well known

– The consumer buys with confidence from his farmer friend and can help him during the production and make the product cheaper and fresher.