YC4Y Knowledge


The Digital Transformation has revolutionized several sectors throughout the globe, creating new markets and players with important impacts on the entire economy.

a digital aggregator able to collect and share information between patients, medical structures and insurance providers proves highly suitable for the country as it will enable its Government to meet the strategic priorities for a population that is growing and aging. In line with principles of self-care and prevention, this analysis gives such digital aggregator the name of “You Care for You” or “YC4Y” for short.

YouCare4You is indeed a modular and flexible design pattern for the management of a digital ecosystem based on investor’s needs and, more importantly, the country’s needs and strategic necessities. It provides a wide grade of customization of specific peculiarities with respect to the social, religious and ethical behavior of the population.

YouCare4You connects people who ask for health services and people who offer them, designing an innovative data model to support a digital ecosystem that makes healthcare quicker, easier, effective and more sustainable for Users and the Health System at the national level.

The added-value of YouCare4You spreads through every member organization thanks to a more efficient management of the relationships between all the actors involved in the health sector (users, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies and healthcare companies), working for the digitalization of the local health system.

YouCare4You indeed offers transversal benefits deriving from the use and sharing of data and information generated through its functionalities adaptable to both public and private health sectors complying with the highest international standards for the protection of sensitive data while ensuring the security of all information transmitted.


YouCare4You offers to users and healthcare providers new digital solutions to handle their processes more efficiently thanks to:

  • Digital User Records
  • Online Booking Service
  • Digitalized Hospital Workflow
  • Quick and Easy Data Processing and Transfer
  • Processing and Use of Collected Data
  • Online Access to National Healthcare Offers
  • Generation of A Sanitary Gate for Foreigners
  • Online Purchase of Drugs and Health Devices


Among the greatest benefits of YC4Y, Public Healthcare Institutions get an official source of aggregated data for:

  • Policy decisions
  • Workforce distribution
  • National comparisons in order to better define the National Budget
  • Obtain information in order to identify national solutions on prevention, rehabilitation and assistance.


Among the greatest benefits, Insurance companies, whether private or public, will:


  • Have data for efficient insurance plans based on hard evidence for each visit and for each user profile
  • Control information asymmetries guaranteeing high savings while creating new business lines


Based on international experiments on digital aggregators for healthcare facilities in both private and public markets YouCare4You can, among its greatest benefits, help with:


  • Reducing patients’ number of practices by 35%
  • Reducing number of readmissions by 25%
  • Reducing time spent per physician in paper work and information sharing by 18 minutes per patient
  • Offering new innovative channels to promote and manage healthcare services focused on prevention
  • Providing procedures for monitoring and efficient management of foreign patients and medical tourism
  • Reducing number of malpractices and legal suits by 45% and 85% respectively.