The required investment for the project was estimated to be 163M€. For typical investors in Iran it is a large amount and cannot be afforded by them.

This investment will be used for the following objectives (Digital Transformation of the Society -DToS):

  • (Digital Preparedness) To develop and upgrade the platforms and infrastructures of existing health ecosystem (training, promotion, salary of digital assistants and professional promoters for at least one year) ,
    • Government Org.s
    • NGOs
    • Health Structures
    • HIXs and general Hardware, Software, Datacenters and …
    • Writing required national standards and regulation
    • Providing Consultancy and financial Support for local operative systems (Health Apps) to be integrated with YC4Y.


Implementation and deployment of YC4Y App and App-pro (Umbrella Apps) and new digital systems (dedicated software, Hardware, datacenters, …) as health tools and functions which will be used by Professionals and people (normal subscribers)

Intellectual property Management

  • A promotion and awareness task for government.
  • A promotion task to attract potential investors
  • Interaction with health NGOs
  • ASA R&A
  • Activities to create intellectual properties for ASA according to a designed framework aligned with “deliverablesV0.2”

Based on Value Escalation Plan (VEP) ATA started EPC teaming and talked with EPC companies and prepared a plan which shows the investment will be started by executive team and after reaching to a proper level of progress the company can be presented to initial investors. It means the investment can be completed in three steps :

  • Primary investment by execution team
  • Initial investment by medium size investor/(s)
  • Final investment by forming triangle.

The promotion plan was prepared and the activities divided into four domains:

Figure 1- Intellectual property Management dashboard
  • Government and NGO awareness and preparing “Gov. partnership plan”. With this partnership, Gov. will be a good support for YC4Y Mega-Project.
  • Investor Promotion
  • Professional motivation to join (individual and through structures)
  • Public promotion to add subscribers

Main executive idea: to Form a Health operator to operate the idea of YC4Y ecosystem

Type of operator: IHO (Independent Health Operator) an App operator


  • Bank or a financial institution or an Investment Co.
  • An internet or Mob. Operator and a technology Co.
  • A Health & Insurance organization

Total amount of investment required:      163m$

Investment sources:          40% equity
                                               60% loan

The project needs about 163m$ investment. Although it needs the total amount in 6 years but main part of this investment should be put in ecosystem in first year.

The main idea is that the main investors should be from Iranian investment firms.

Based on 2-year unsuccessful experience to find an investor it is obvious that there is no intention in investors to invest this huge amount. Then the solution is to split the approach in two parts.

 It means potential investors (those who currently own a major part of ecosystem plus Banks and Telecom operators – Triangle) haven’t have a good (means tangible) sense of business nature and future outcome. It should be considered that there whould be the following type of investor for ASA4U (Iranian Health Operator): From 27,000 SB[1] the following list is a anicipation for share for each of seven group of investors.

  • Trewin (Idea Owner) ATA-GEKO (Idea Developer and Intl. SP) – 1,500 SB & EPC Team (executives) – 500 SB
  • Government (Competent Authority and the owner of infrastructure part of existing Eco-System) –5,000 SB
  • Health Professionals (individuals) – 2,500 SB
  • ∆: Bank (main Investor and Financial SP) – 5,000 SB
  • ∆: Health Service Providers (the owners of service part of existing Eco-System) – 5,000 SB
  • ∆: Telecom Operator and Digital Health Service providers (Teleco and App SP) – 5,000 SB
  • People through stock Market – 2,500 SB

We need to update the plan of investment to the following Five-Step Plan.

[1] SB: Share Block. Each SB equals approximately to 5,000 Euro

We need to update the plan of investment to the following Five-Step Plan.

  • Step-1: Primary Investment
  • Step-2: Initial Investment
  • Step-3: Primary call for Investors (CFI-P)
  • Step-4: Enter to the stock market and first call (CFI-1)
  • Step-5: Continue the capital increase to reach to 27,000 Share Block (SB)