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The Digital Transformation has revolutionized several sectors throughout the globe, creating new markets and players with important impacts on the entire economy. The Health sector is not immune to this transformation and the Iranian Healthcare System has the opportunity to lead the innovation and Digital Transformation in international healthcare.

All the health service provider and health App and software are main base on Digital Health Ecosystem.


YouCare4You offers to users and healthcare providers new digital solutions to handle their processes.

YouCare4You is indeed a modular and flexible design pattern for the management of a digital ecosystem based on people needs and, more importantly, the country’s needs and strategic necessities.

 It provides a wide grade of customization of specific peculiarities with respect to the social, religious and ethical behavior of the population.

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Ministry of Health, The Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council(IRIMC), Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO), Iran health insurance organization (IHIO), Medical University and big bank as Health bank and a big Telecommunication operato  are Digital Health Ecosystem main actor.

Data structure of the Digital Health Ecosystem have 3 Datacenter for save Health data, Data classification and organization, data Analysis base on AI,

Through data can help the Ministry understand which insurance products are requested, so it can adjust its national budget efforts. As the government will be reluctant to sponsor drugs for “luxury diseases”, it should be willing instead to sponsor preventive mechanisms that can be covered by insurances. These insights can be identified easily through proper data, digitalization and feedback systems.



International Learning Management System(LMS) is web-based technology used to plan, implement and assess a specific learning process to raise and update the level of knowledge of health professionals and Healthcare.



Organization of International Mechanisms for the Establishment of International Financial Networks, International pharma Exchange and International health service.

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Innovation and idea Organization department developed an Innovation Process Model that is non-linear, iterative, and has a responsive approach to resolving demand-driven health and care challenges. This innovation model is underpinned by learning based innovation, embedded research expertise and creative co-design.

 Transforming great ideas into real solutions for Digital Health Ecosystem.




Organization other ecosystems that in parallel can affect the health ecosystem