Green Prescription (Noskhe Sabz) provide online pharmacy and E-prescription services in ASA (IR YC4Y).

Green Prescription (Noskhe Sabz) currently has a complete database of pharmaceutical information, pharmacy software and pharmacy automation and serves the pharmacy.

In future plan (first phase) Green Prescription (Noskhe Sabz) set an application in which digital pharmacy is directly connected to physicians and clinics that are able to E-prescribe medicines. This method can really help patients to purchase prescription-required medicines without the need to attend pharmacy physically.

In the final plan, this system will be fully digitalized for further communication between physicians (clinics) and pharmacies, and the following support subsystems will be added to it.

– Digitalized board: This board has handwriting recognition engine developed by software engineers and handwriting learning sub-engine. As physicians are more convenient with using their pen in order to prescribe drugs, we should develop an AI which is able to learn the distinct handwriting of each physician. By this platform, Physician’s handwritten prescription will be directly transferred to the E-prescription platform.

– Voice recognition (alternative option): It is mostly useful for physicians who always work with their assistants. By development of this engine, physician will no more need to pay extra money for hiring an assistant but in case, doctor needs an assistant he could hire the him/her for more substantial jobs.

– Integration with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies: In the meanwhile, there is no integrated system which can connect pharmacies with physicians via E-prescription. Although,